From Kitchen to Control Centre

Standard kitchen appliances are having a technological makeover this year which will leave us wondering how we ever lived without them!

The kitchen is usually the hub of most homes and is fast becoming the control centre too. It’s the go-to place for charging stations, barista-style coffee machines, uber cool blenders and sound systems. Wires and plugs are being kept in check with USB compatible plug sockets or hidden away in drawers and under cabinets.

Induction hobs leave a less cluttered, modern look and a smoother work surface. AND they are more environmentally friendly and cook food more responsively and quicker too.
Bottle-coolers are no longer regarded as luxuries but as a necessity, you choose your tipple, it could be bottled water or wine.

Drop-down Tv screens from beneath wall units and sound bars built seamlessly into plinths seriously impress guests and can be operated from any device with Bluetooth connectivity.
Wifi equipped food scales work together with recipe apps to make baking simpler. They can adjust measurements if you are short on an ingredient, suggest substitutions and give illustrated instructions as you cook.

With a Samsung side-by-side LED refrigerator you can have your favourite recipes, your kids’ soccer timetable and shopping reminders on a LED screen that is filled with family friendly features. Bin the magnets! Built-in speakers above the water dispenser allows you to stream music........this is a fridge!

Modest blenders offer impressive pre-programmed cycles that let you tailor blending specifically to whatever you are making from Margaritas to grinding tough coffee beans.

It’s the nerve centre of all our lives in every way, cooking and food preparation is just a fraction of what we expect from it. Never has the kitchen been cooler!

“I’ll break it down to a science, kitchen appliance” Toni Braxton (Gimme Some)

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