Tied to the Kitchen Sink

Being ‘tied to the kitchen sink’ has long been associated with the traditional view of dedicated housewives and ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ brings something immovable to mind. In business terms ‘ a kitchen sink approach’ means that every imaginable feature and effort had been included in some business plan. You will note however that none of these are sexy associations even though the humble sink is arguably one of the most hard-working features of our kitchens! Why?

It’s not hard to see when you read a little of the history! Not so very long ago, water was still being carried into homes and poured into bowls. These became more ergonomic with the introduction of the ‘apron front’ which were supposedly designed for comfort and the long hours spent standing there! It was not until the late 17th century that wealthier homes saw the introduction of plumbed-in sinks, notably called the ‘Belfast’ and the ‘London’ as they were the first two cities to permit them! The Belfast sink was large enough to bathe children and had an overflow feature, water was plentiful and conservation not an issue. The opposite was true of London which was built on clay and therefore water was harder to come by. This had a direct impact upon design, the London sink was smaller , not so deep and had no overflow.

Sinks became slightly more exciting in 19th century France with the use of the famous Limoge white clay and porcelain in sink design. Nothing much changed again until the 1920’s with the advent of the cast iron sink and a nickel/alloy mix which proved popular because it was lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Sleek they weren’t yet!

During WWII metals were scarce and the more affordable stainless steel sink was born, hooray.
Today’s sinks are a combination of form and function and often an architectural focal point in kitchen design. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials, and a wide range of accessories, cutting boards, utensil trays, drying racks and colanders.
Now at last sinks ARE sexy! And it’s all down to materials which have given designers some much needed joy! Stainless steel sinks still account for much of the market, are a relative bargain unless by a designer label (FRANKE), come in a variety of installation types and still regarded as easy to clean.
The porcelain enamel finish on cast iron sinks stands the test of time in terms of durability and style, and an important feature for Spain is that they don’t fade in sunlight! More robust furniture is needed to support their weight which is worth bearing in mind.
Fireclay is a strong moulded sink with a porcelain enamel finish, it’s timeless but expensive!
If you like Granite you will like the look of a Composite sink. Made of ground Granite or Quartz and mixed with resin the result is a sink that is durable and has no maintenance issues. Designers love the composites!
Copper, concrete and stone are upscale materials used to. I could go on!
Single bowl, double bowl, farmhouse. Under-mounted or top -mounted, integral sinks where sink and worktops are fabricated from the same material...... the choices are endless!
The Sink, that practical, functional kitchen object, often underrated, has become one of THE coolest gadgets!
Don’t get me started on taps..........
“Thank heaven for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell.....” Unknown

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